All Imprim '& Com' products and services are open to graphic arts professionals : DTP studios, communication agencies, graphic designers, webmasters ... By identifying you as a reseller, you will have access to discounts and additional services .

How does it work?

Once identified as Reseller we will send you your monthly discount corresponding to your discount.

Validity of your reseller account: permanent (as long as your business is maintained).

Terms: Orders must be placed online by you only and paid by credit card or wire transfer .

As an Imprim' Com Reseller, discounts are awarded in increments every month of the year.

Different types of resellers:

  • Bronze Reseller: 5% discount
  • Silver Reseller: 7.5% discount
  • Gold Reseller: 10% discount
  • Platinum Reseller: 15% discount

Our conditions:

On products:

  • From 0 to 1499 € net of purchases per month: Bronze Reseller
  • From 1500 to 2999 € net of purchases per month: Silver Reseller
  • From 3000 to 4999 € net of purchases per month: Gold Reseller
  • More than 5000 € HT of monthly purchases: Platinum Reseller

On services:

  • From 0 to 2499 € monthly purchases: Bronze Reseller
  • From 2500 to 4999 € monthly purchases: Silver Reseller
  • From 5000 to 7999 € monthly purchases: Gold Reseller
  • More than 8000 € HT of monthly purchases: Platinum Reseller

White mark

Delivery can be done directly to your customer under a white label (no mention of our services).

Also, the name "Imprim' & Com'" will never be specified on the documents you want to print.

Print Order

Considering that you are a graphic arts professional, you must comply with the product data sheet that you want to customize.

During your first order, we will offer you the Good to Pull to validate together the respect of our data sheet. For the following, you will be able to choose for each order between two types of services concerning the Good to Pull:

  • Standard service: no PO, our DTP service will perform a simple check of your files and the order will go into production without validation on your part (free).
  • Premium service: after a check of your files, our DTP service will send you a digital PO to validate online (additional cost: 15,00 € tax. excl.  by PO). Important: the date chosen to calculate the shipping time will be the date of the validation of the PO.

How to become a reseller?

Create your account on our site.
Fill in the fields SIRET, Code APE and website.
Once your registration is complete, send an email to and communicate us the email with which you registered on our site.

After a verification of your data, we send you an email to warn you that your account has become a reseller account.

Secure payment Credit card (3D secure)
Bankwire / Administrative order / Cheque
Fast shipping
in Europe
Manufacturing & printing
100% Europe (France & Portugal)