The Reusable Cup: for events, serving the environment

Reusable Cups

The reusable cup has become unavoidable in all types of events: festival, concert, sports meeting, wedding, baptism, birthday...

Appreciated by users, it has also become a source of funding and savings for organizers thanks to a simple deposit system.

Its composition in plastic 100% reusable makes it an environmentally friendly object, while making users responsible and satisfied to be able to keep an original memory of the event in which they participate.

The returnable cup: how does it work?

Reusable personalized returnable cup
When ordering a drink for the first time, the user receives a customized reusable cup in the colors of the event in exchange for a deposit (usually €1).
Filling the personalized returnable cups
During the whole event, when he orders another drink, his plastic cup is reused.
End of the plastic cup deposit
At the end of the event, he can either return his personalized cup and collect his deposit, or keep it as a souvenir and use it on a daily basis.

Main advantages of the reusable cup

Zero waste

The reusable cup generates no waste compared to the disposable cup (recyclable or not).

Respect of environment

The cups are no longer thrown away anywhere, are machine washable and can be reused (up to 150 times).

Saving and funding source

Organizers save on waste collection and can recover money from returnable cups kept by users.

Available sizes

Printing techniques

Reusable cups printed in silkscreen


  • limited print colors (more than 15 colors available)
  • adapted to visuals with few colors (logos, drawings, texts...)
  • large choice of cup colours (13 available)
Customized cups printed in four-color process

Four-color / Photo

  • unlimited colours
  • adapted to complex visuals (photos, colour drawings, multicoloured backgrounds, etc.)
  • printing on colourless and white cups only


For the best service, you can choose whether or not to add a scale to your reusable cup.

So the most common quantities will be entered: 12.5cl, 25cl, 40cl, 50cl...

Scale on a personalized cup

Cup Holder

To keep your users' hands free and make the most of your event, offer them cup holders.

Economical and customizable, they will be a real asset appreciated by your participants.

See product

Reusable Cup Holder

How to customize your cup: 3 methods

Online customization of reusable cups

Use our online tool

You can use our free online tool to create your own composition of texts, photos, symbols, without any special technical skills. This will give you a live preview of your customized reusable cup.
DTP files to customize your cup

Send DTP files (reserved for graphic designers, professional or not)

You will find on the product sheets the technical sheets to make your visual on classic CAD tools (Illustrator, Photoshop...).
Customization service for reusable cups

Entrust us with the realization of your visual

Are you looking for inspiration or do you want to get the best result? Let us customise your personalised plastic cup. Our team of graphic designers, perfectly mastering the technical aspects of the product, will be at your disposal to create a unique cup with you.
Whatever the method used, a print order (P.O) will be sent to you. The manufacture of your cup will only be started once the P.O. has been validated.

Rates and delivery times

To know our prices, go to the product of your choice. Configure the different options (number of colors, quantity...). The price will be updated automatically on the product sheet. The estimated shipping date will also be indicated.

The shipping date is calculated upon validation of the payment and the print order and does not include the transport time. It is therefore important to plan a sufficiently long time to ensure that your cups will arrive on time.

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