Info on visuals with a white background

In photo/digital printing (unlimited colours) on a reusable cup, if your visual contains white colour, this will be printed as it is considered a colour in its own right. In most cases, this is not a problem and can even create an original effect and even enhance your visual.

But if your design contains only a logo, for example, you may want to print only the logo without the white background.

What files should I provide if I don't want a printed white background?

If you provide a JPEG file or any other image where the background is present, this white background will be printed on the cup.

Conversely, if you provide a PNG file where the white background has been removed, the logo only will be printed.

Two solutions for not having a printed white background:

1. Provide a file without a white background

If you have the same visual but in PNG transparent format where the white background has been removed, you can import it. In the case of a logo, its creator will surely be able to provide you with this version without any problem.

You can also use free online tools such as Photoroom. These tools are simple and require no technical skills.

2. Entrust us with the removal of the white background

We can remove the white background from your file for you. In this case, add the visual retouching service to the shopping cart, which you will then order along with your cups. We will then process your request and send you a mock-up for approval before printing.

Please note that your order may take a little longer to complete.

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