Your photos / logos

For a truly personalised goblet, what could be better than a personal photo? Import your photos onto our photo eco-goblets and create unique decorative items, whatever the type of event or theme: wedding, birthday, stag/hen party, sports, student office... As well as making your event eco-friendly, you'll be giving it a cheap accessory and surprising guests.
Available sizes :
  • 25/33cl
  • 50/60cl


A sports club is an identity. Offer your club, your team or your federation a personalised sports cup. Compatible with any type of competition, match or tournament, it will allow you to celebrate victory and drown defeat.

Student Office

For a successful student party, equip your student office with personalised student cups. In addition to affirming your association's identity, this returnable cup will be a sure source of revenue for your party.


No visual in our catalogue is exactly what you are looking for? Our neutral visuals will allow you to create a truly unique personalized cup. The simplest is often the best: a photo, a text, and it's done!

How to customize your cup: 3 methods

Online customization of reusable cups

Use our online tool

You can use our free online tool to create your own composition of texts, photos, symbols, without any special technical skills. This will give you a live preview of your customized reusable cup.
DTP files to customize your cup

Send DTP files (reserved for graphic designers, professional or not)

You will find on the product sheets the technical sheets to make your visual on classic CAD tools (Illustrator, Photoshop...).
Customization service for reusable cups

Entrust us with the realization of your visual

En manque d’inspiration ou souhaitant obtenir le meilleur rendu ? Confiez-nous la personnalisation de votre gobelet plastique personnalisé. Notre équipe de graphiste, maîtrisant parfaitement les aspects techniques du produit, seront à votre écoute pour créer avec vous un gobelet unique.
Whatever the method used, a print order (P.O) will be sent to you. The manufacture of your cup will only be started once the P.O. has been validated.

Features of our custom reusable cups

100% Reusable Plastic Cup
Printing and manufacturing in France / Europe
Material Polypropylene without bisphenol A, organoleptic plastic that does not alter the taste of the products contained in the cup
Printing technique digital printing / photo
Delivery Free for 1 delivery point in metropolitan France
Max capacity 33cl 60cl
Useful capacity 25cl 50cl
Top diameter 74mm 83mm
Bottom diameter 55mm 54mm
Height 114mm 178mm
Secure payment Credit card (3D secure)
Bankwire / Administrative order / Cheque
Fast shipping
in Europe
Manufacturing & printing
100% Europe (France & Portugal)