Cup rental : optimise the reusable

Don't buy your reusable tableware: rent it out!

You don't need a specific visual and you want your event to be even more eco-responsible ? Our key-in-hand solution will allow you to make money and time savings (no washing or storage), while being even more respectful of the environment.

Our reusable products for hire

  • Cup 18cl
  • Cup 28cl
  • the most popular
    Cup 33cl
  • Cup 60cl
  • Pitcher 1.5L
  • Ecological

    • No new cups are produced: specific reusable cups are used (up to 100 times)
    • Reducing energy impact and waste (no cups thrown away at your event)
    • Local washing solution to minimise the transport of cups
  • economical

    • Lower unit cost than personalized cups
    • You will only be charged for the boxes of cups used
    • Economy on cleaning (water consumption, energy and time) and storage (no post-event stock management)
  • Easy

    • Your rental package according to your needs.
    • No graphic preparation
    • No storage
    • No staff required for cleaning

Cup rental in practice:


Choose the reusable cups you need in our catalog. Several packaging is offered to you in order to adapt to small and large events . Once your pack is defined, you set the amount of your products + the corresponding deposit. A rental contract is then established.

Receiving the cups

Once the contract is signed, your goblets are packaged in plastic boxes (to ensure transport and facilitate storage). They are then shipped on the scheduled date in a parcel relay or at the place of the event. return labels are also attached to the dismissal.

Return of cups

Once your event has passed, cups must be put back in their original boxes and boxes. Useless to clean them , we take care of it. A deposit in a parcel relay with the return labels provided and it's over!

Refund of deposit

Upon receipt, the goblets are checked. The missing or damaged are invoiced to you according to the price agreed in the rental contract. The deposit is reimbursed to you (deduction of missing cup costs). The cups that can be reused leave in a local cleaning center to be washed according to the standards in force. Those who are no longer reusable are recycled in plastic pellets used in the manufacture of everyday objects.
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