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I am an individual, can I order from you?

Yes, individuals and companies can order on our site.

How to order on the site ?

Once on the product page, enter desired quantity and add to cart. Check the elements of your order. If you're not registered yet,create an account. You will be able to track the processing of your order in your customer area. After payment of the order, you will receive a confirmation email. Your DTP files will be requested after you confirm your order.

How am I notified of the taking into account of my order?

A confirmation email with a summary of your order is automatically sent to you.

How can I track the processing of my order?

Sign in to your customer area and go to My order history and details . Then click on the current command. So you can follow the processing steps of the order.

How to get my invoice?

In the Order History section, the invoice is downloadable in PDF.

How to request a quote?

To request a quote, simply create an account or connect to your existing account, then click Add to Quote on the page. of the product.

How to use a coupon?

Coupons can be used when placing your order . A field is provided to enter your code at that time.

Can I cancel my order or a simple article from it?

You can cancel the order in the Order history and details section. Compensatory cancellation fees will be deducted in the amount of:

  • 5 € for orders with an amount not exceeding 25 €
  • 15 € for orders whose amount does not exceed 500 €
  • 25 € for orders over 500 €

Warning! If your order is already in production , we will charge the amount excluding VAT of the additional order and optional services to compensate for the cancellation, as the process can not be stopped at this stage.

Which countries do you ship?

We deliver in the world wide . Online rates include 1 point delivery in metropolitan France. For deliveries to the EU or the rest of the world, please contact us by phone at 09 72 22 70 12.

I have a complaint about a received product, how to do?

In case of complaint you can send a detailed email to sav@imprimetcom.fr . Our services will endeavor to answer your request as clearly as possible.

Do I have to be at home to collect items on delivery?

Delivery is by carrier from 9am to 7pm. It is best to send the request to a place of work or a third party so that the package is received quickly.

How can I return one or more products?

For product returns, please refer to CGV .

Is it possible to receive samples?

Yes . Requests can be made by mail: commercial@imprimetcom.fr

Is it possible to have delivery in several points?

Yes it's possible. Beforehand, contact us by email: commercial@imprimetcom.fr or by telephone 09 72 22 70 12 . We will prepare an estimate.

What is the deadline to validate an order?

Orders must be validated by 12pm .

Example: delay J + 1. For an order validated on Monday before 12h, the delivery will be on Wednesday.

I just received my goblets. Should I wash them?

The cups we deliver are clean. It is advisable to wash them before use to remove any impurities that may have settled on or in the cups.


What are the payment terms?

  • By check , to the order of Imprim '& Com', send to:

    Print & Com '
    17 rue Léon Gaumont
    44700 ORVAULT

    Warning: your order is taken into account when payment is made, ie when we have received your check for the total of your order.

  • By transfer , to the order of Print 'and Com' following these details:

    IBAN : FR76 3000 4026 0800 0100 3534 768

    BNP Paribas - Agence Saint Herblain Bourg
    28 Rue Pierre Blard

    Warning: your order is taken into account when payment is made, ie when the total amount of your order has arrived in our bank account.

  • By Administrative Mandate

    Warning: your order is taken into account upon receipt of the signed order form.

How to make a bank transfer?

You must contact your bank to request a bank transfer from your bank account to ours. Here are our bank details:

  • IBAN : FR76 3000 4026 0800 0100 3534 768

    BNP Paribas - Agence Saint Herblain Bourg
    28 Rue Pierre Blard

IMPORTANT: When paying by bank transfer, please enter your order reference in comment of the transfer, to allow us to link your payment to your order. Once the transfer made, you have the possibility to send us by fax to 09 72 22 70 12 or by e-mail to sav@imprimetcom.fr the proof of the transfer done by your bank. This is so that our accounting department validates your payment without waiting for the amount to be paid to be on our account. Thus the count of the delivery time can begin. Without this, your payment will be validated as soon as the amount to be paid will appear on our bank account (delay of 1 to 3 working days depending on the banks). The delivery time count will start at that time.


What is a P.O?

Print order is a final model of the visual. The purpose of this document is that the client valid or not the said visual. This is the last step before sending to print.

How to validate a Print Order?

After checking your files, you will receive an email with a link to validate the print order.

What checks do you perform?

We check:

  • The file type (pdf, jpg)
  • The format to provide (finished format + bleed)
  • The number of visuals received
  • The absence of cutting marks
  • The number of colors present in the visual
  • The resolution (pixelization, 300dpi)
  • Vectorization of elements (if necessary)
  • Transparency flattening (if necessary)
  • Specific options (product-related)

We do not check:

  • Spelling and syntax errors.
  • We do not check overprint settings
  • Colorimetric mode: normalization according to constraints
  • Text or elements in bleed
  • Line thickness and font size
  • Positioning of folds and layout of pages
  • Text or elements in unusable areas (not visible, unprintable)

How do you send my files?

You can send us your files after ordering via a download module on our website. You can find this module on your client area in the "Sending files" section. Please note that only the files sent via this module will be taken into account for your order.

Which file formats do you accept?

We accept JPEG , EPS and PDF file formats. For silk screen printing, we accept Illustrator CS6 (.ai) files.

Attention, for your pdf layers and transparencies of your files must be flattened imperatively.

What is the size of the files to provide you?

Given our wide range of products, the file size can be found in the relevant data sheets .

What resolution to promote?

The optimal resolution of a "print" file (flyer, poster, brochure, ...) must be 300 dpi . For some files the resolution may change. To be sure, check the data sheets of the product concerned.

How to manage colors?

The optimal resolution of a "print" file (flyer, poster, brochure, ...) must be 300 dpi . For some files the resolution may change. To be sure, check the data sheets of the product concerned.

How to get a beautiful black CMYK?

The ink rate of your colors must not exceed 300%. For a flat black background, we recommend a breakdown as follows: C60 M60 J40 N100 .

Are cutting margins to be expected?

For each product, a bleed is needed to prevent your visual cut off when trimming . In general, this bleed is 2mm on either side of the document.

Thus, for a finished format 105x148mm , it will be necessary to send us a file in the format 109x152mm .

Can I print multiple cups with a different print each time?

No. For an order placed, you can choose multiple cup colors, but you can only choose a print color and a single visual to print . If you want a different impression, you will have to order as many as different visuals. In many cases, you want to print a different name on each cup , which is not possible. What we propose is to print a cloud of names on your goblets and each person will surround his name on his goblet.

Can I insert a QR CODE on my cup ?

Yes, it is possible to add a QR Code.

Due to the conicity of the cup, we recommend a format of 2 x 2 cm.

Attention, in case of failure of the QR code, we cannot be held responsible.

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